let it flow...
October 11, 2001, 5:37 pm

gonna try to write something. we'll see if this works out.

the air was cold but i was warm

the fire crackled endlessly

and we discussed how our lives could have been better

surrounded by the burning evergreens

i brought a match just in case you left your lighter

and i brought some kerosene

and i knew that we'd make sure that no one else

got a chance to dance amongst our evergreens

cuz it was our woods and our time

and no one else could have what we had had

a time of love and a time of deep emotion

the only kind that truly made me glad

and i couldn't stand even thinking of another person

standing in the spot where we first kissed

and as i look deep and deeper into your eyes

i'm glad this wasn't something else i missed

time has past since we burned those woods asunder

and i just got out last week

intruiging how they could catch me but not find you

bitch i think you tipped them off to me

and now this song takes a turn for something wierder

cuz i've run out of things to say and things to write

but for some odd reason i'm still writing and still rhyming

in a desperate attempt to fend off sleeping for the night

but my bodies starting to give in and i'm sure that soon i'll go

and then i'll hit the keyboard with a thud

and the little gnome that lives outside my bedroom door will get me

and this writing will be all that's left of me

but you don't care, no you never cared for me

even though i helped you through your times of need

you always used me just to sate your wild desires

and somehow that's just fine by me


ugh. anyways. yeah. that went all wrong.