in which i return
January 10, 2010, 11:41 am

i haven't had my own computer in months. i've been using victoria's, because she is kind and generous, and because both of my laptops have gone to shit. it saddens me actually. to think of how much computing power i have just lying around wasted. sigh.

i've been doing a whole lot of nothing recently. at work, i've been reading asimov. i should be trying to sell hard, since john will be going on vacation soon, and i am essentially taking all of his shifts, but instead i find myself in the most sincere work doldrums. i just want to finish reading foundation again, and then maybe i will get back my vim and vigor. on the other hand, i've got a card set i think is late, although i can't find the paperwork, and another that is already nearing it's deadline, even though i have yet to even make a dent in it.

sigh. at least my relationship is on the upswing. we are learning how to deal with each other. it's a process that plays out in every story ever, and you STILL tell yourself, i'll never make those mistakes. ah well. we live, we learn, and if we make it through, we're stronger for it. i pray to continue to make it through. this girl has become special to me. she brightens my day. i only hope that sometimes i do the same.