in which i anger all girls
March 14, 2009, 2:03 am

i watched twilight last night. there are certain things a man must endure to be able to carry a conversation with women, and this was the current thing. the movie was actually alright. but it wasn't anything too special. but mediocrity is not it's problem.

what the problem is, is edward. edward is a boy written by a woman who has no idea how to write a man. edward is the most pussified tough guy i've ever seen in film comics or literature. on the surface he seems tough and mysterious. the kind of guy every girl might want to wisk them away. but underneath... is a hollow of a man. edward is a lapdog. a whiny, weak-willed, boytoy that any real woman would use up and throw away in an instant.

this story may seem to be empowering to women, but really it's just telling them that what they should settle for is a guy that won't challenge them at all. that can barely challenge himself. a boy that has no ambition until he meets the girl who suddenly becomes his obsession. THAT'S A BAD SCENARIO, GIRLS.

of course he might change over the course of the series. i haven't read the books. but judging this book by it's cover, i would doubt that.