in which i twitter
February 21, 2009, 1:54 pm

so yeah. this new phone is either the best thing ever or the worst. i'm still on the phone. fence. i'm still on the fence. listen. i got twitter.

let me repeat that. i am on twitter. it's the most awesome thing ever.

... if you're in los angeles.

if you're not in los angeles, and you don't like ashton kutcher? FUCK OFF! twitter is not for you. cuz ashton and demi twitter all the time, and it's great. i love them. they are so fucking cute. talking about fashion week one minute and kabbalah the next? it's like the ultimate example of duality. but i love it. i love the digg boys, and greg grunberg and kevin pollack and wil wheaton and brian bendis, and i even love lance armstrong, that grandstanding fuck. STOP DOING SO MUCH WITH YOUR LIFE. i love twitter. it's amazing.

but if you don't live in los angeles, you won't get it, so don't fucking bother with it. or find your own network, i don't know. but don't complain to me cuz you think it's pointless. it's not. this is how i stay aware of what's going down in hollywood. and it's important, cuz i live here. so when felicia day says she's doing a show, i perk up. but i wouldn't know without twitter. it's brilliant. also, i love the whole stream of consciousness aspect of it.

i dunno. i've been trying to evangelize twitter to everyone, and i just feel like no one really gets it. except me and this core group of comic creators and actors. but not musicians. they follow everyone who follows them. it defeats the purpose. come on matisyahu, you don't need to follow us, we follow you.