in which i'm seriously starting to hate this naming convention
January 18, 2009, 7:45 pm

so i am a lead at my new job now. but i'm not actually. just sort of.

... if that confuses you, then welcome to my job situation. a work situation that, for the most part, has been dominated by women, but now has, i think, a balance of men and women. it will be intersting to see where things go from here. i think a woman can be great at leading, but get a group of them together and i have never seen such petty bickering and backstabbing. and that goes for all women. i love em, but that never changes.

um... so i dunno if i should do this or not, but i thought since he's grabbing the music from elsewhere it'd be fine. see how this works out. could be a nice way to showcase music. totally just grabbed this player off of songs to wear pants to, as well as the song.

... hmmm... let's try one of my songs.

that was a fun deviation. back to the topic at hand. i want to do well at whatever i'm doing. i have an intense urge to succeed. some people take a job, tho they feel it's beneath them, and since they have that evaluation of the quality of the job they're working, the work they do reflects that evaluation. but... but not me, man. i give myself over. wholly. i devote. i want to succeed, and i know that the only way i can succeed is for my company to succeed. i need to know every facet of my job. the people i work with, and the work that goes on around me. because if i'm not aware of what's happening around me, how can i possibly do my job to it's fullest.

i remember watching a movie about the basketball player pistol pete, where he's playing and he no looks the ball at his teammate, but the other player isn't paying attention to what's going on and gets beaned in the face. you see, you can't perform to the best of your abilities, if you're only paying attention to yourself. you have to be watching everyone else around you. you have to survey the entire court. only then can you rise to the level of greatness. but i also remember that his teammates resented him for that in the beginning. to use another sports movie analogy, remember the movie rudy, when rudy tackles the one player and the player berates him saying that he's playing like it's the super bowl even tho it's just practice. most people are willing to just glide through their life and work, without ever giving any effort, and they resent anyone that does. especially if that effort gets the other person noticed.

i've only been with this company for a very short amount of time, but i'm already moving up the ranks. i'm hoping i can manage to motivate while not alienating the people who have been gliding for a while. i want to blow some upward momentum into those sails.