in which i am sleepy
December 30, 2008, 7:30 pm

it's late. i got to go out with aaron and christian. christian is slightly japanese, i am white, and aaron has an afro. we went to a straight up mexican bar, where the waitresses did not speak a bit of english. and somehow, we got through the night alright. in fact, those might've been the three best cervesas of my life.

i had fun. i got to talk with christian a little, and aaron for the first time. we drove through the thickest fog i've seen in ages. it was craziness. and we talked about going to tijuana, which i really want to do. i also talked with my friend ox a bit ago about going to south africa in 2010 for the world cup, and i actually talked with another friend about going to south america for the... 2016? world cup? i dunno. i can't remember. suffice to say, this ombre gonna be wearin red white and blue some day soon, and kickin the shit out of anybody in apposing colors that he can lay his hands on.

also, i moved into my new place. i'm on the floor now, but that's by choice.