in which i seriously haven't used this in a while
July 31, 2008, 6:49 am

so like, i've been weird and busy and doing other things.

i went to my very first comicon. it was great. i got to hang out with bryan, and i think i creeped out his wife. I LOVE YOUR BOOTS HOPE, that's all... i got to meet becky and vasilis. and becky totally drew me, and then wrote in my yearbook. i got my yearbook signed by a bunch of the flight crew too which was sweet. and i met reagan, who was also sweet. i got to see grant and allison, and i looked at other scoundrels from afar, but everyone seemed busy, and i hate bothering people. and then i tagged along with bryan to the spaced panel, and we weren't gonna go in, so we went and got pretzeldogs, but then they called us back and they totally snuck us in, and we got to sit in the front row, and it was totally awesome, and i thought that was like the coolest thing ever.

... and then there was the after party. i was at comicon with my friend andy franzen, who is writing the comic i am desperately trying to ink right now. and his girlfriend is friends with a girl who works for this UTA company that apparently reps for ONI press. so he got invited to this after party through this line of fortunate connections. when we got there it looked like we wouldn't get in, because we weren't on the list, but we did get in, because apparently someone didn't show up, so we used their slot. so we're at this party, and it's all industry people, and then suddenly stan lee shows up. and then masi oka (hiro from heroes) shows up. and then suddenly it's a star studded event. the heder twins show up and are talking up sarah silverman. and then justin long is there, and then hiro and sylar are having a drink, and then i lose place in the night. i remember getting in the car, and i remember going into my bed. but that's about it.

and now i am trying to ink the best things i've ever inked. which is hard, because i haven't done that much. but these have to be great. my art has to nail this pitch, as much as andy's story does. but i think his stuff is great. his story is worth telling. it just remains to be seen if my art is the best way to tell it.

also, dr horrible is sweet. if you haven't seen it yet... you like... should. it was off the net for a while, but now it's back up on hulu. totally worth your time if you like musicals, or joss whedon, or aren't a stupid douchebag.

yeah. i think that's a good wrap up.

... oh and i'm in LA now. if you're here, give me a ring, let's hang out and stuff.