in which i like toys
April 21, 2008, 10:03 pm

ok, so i have a free phone right now. it's nothing special, i didn't need it to be. but i do a lot of typing on it, and it'd be nice to have a keyboard phone. which is why when i started seeing those lg/ironman commercials, i pretty much fell in love with the new lg voyager. look at it, it seems to be totally biting the iphone at first, with it's touchscreen front, and big buttons on that, but when you flip that bitch out and have a full qwerty keyboard in the middle, that's something else entirely.

when i got my first phone, i was like, i don't need a camera, i have one. i don't need a mp3 player, i have one. i don't need a keyboard, i have a computer. but man. this thing is so sleek, and the fact is, it's nice to have all that stuff in one device. especially if that device is made by anyone other than apple. it sucks carrying a phone, a camera, and my mp3 player. there's only so much real estate in one's pants. this phone doesn't even come out until like christmas, but i already want it. it's definitely on my wishlist.

i'm sure it will cost something like 300 bucks, but i believe i'm willing to spend that on a nice toy for myself.

also, i hate all apple products. all of them.