i loves me some tv
February 12, 2003, 2:56 pm

so i watched angel tonight. and damn if that isn't just a great show. i saw it comin when angelis hadn't really been changed by the spell. that was too obvious. but cordie stabbing the other chick at the end was SOOO out of the blue.

... now... some of you may be saying, "angel? on the wb? what are you gay?" and to those people, i must snicker, because they obviously never saw an episode. the show is so good. the dynamics between the cast. and the ever changing cast. and i must admit, angelis is such a great character. i bet boreanaz relishes these times. until it's back to boring ol pouty whiny wussy angel. and i think it's awesome that, once again, the main character on the show? IS A BAD GUY!!! WOOT!!! that's so awesome. i think the wb is chuckin out some great tv right now. the dawson's creek episode tonight was a tad mushy (but when is it not?) but really good. i liked the premise, and the two actors carried it off perfectly. i also love the superman series, smallville. mainly for the dynamic between lex and everyone else. they've really set him up as the shit collector. constantly giving him more and more reason to be the lex we all know in the future, and, i think, making him a much more well-rounded character.

yes, i loves me some tv. don't even get me started on ed. cuz that show just rocks me hard.