in which i've been busy drawing
February 29, 2008, 6:36 pm

so yeah. i finished up my lord of the rings set, and i finished my 3 extra cards. and two of them have sold already, if you're interested in the arwen/aragorn scene, send me an email, and i'll entertain offers.

arwen and aragorn

i have a friend pimping them out on ebay, and i am so overwhelmed at the response to my cards. it has really been amazing. i just got these cards here approved, and they will be going up on ebay soon. these are from my 10 back for the marvel masterpieces set. it's a puzzle of the inferno saga from the eighties xmen.


it's very dear to me. it's the xmen i grew up on, and it's pretty much my dreamteam. bryan was saying he'd have a team of just havok and all girls, but i'm pretty sure i'd have to throw longshot in there too. just cuz he's one of my favorite characters of all time. altho havok is pretty high up. i'm working on the second wave of marvel cards, and hopefully i'll be working on something even better this month. i really can't wait til this month is over. it's gonna be really good.