stupid computer...
February 12, 2003, 2:58 am

i really don't know what's wrong with this thing. sometimes i swear i have a virus. i'm downloading a movie on kazaa, and everytime the modem disconnects, kazaa seems to lock up. this didn't ever used to happen. the task manager doesn't work anymore either. if a program locks up, you're supposed to be able to close it with the task manager. but if i try to close something, then the task manager locks up TOO. and that, in turn, locks up the entire system. URGH. it's so frustrating.

I haven't been able to write any new lyrics in ages. i just have no inspiration. and i keep playing the same few tunes over and over again. Bm - G A, Bm - G A, Bm G A Gb, Bm - G Bm A G, G - A Bm, G - Bm A, G - A Bm, G - Bm A, repeat. one of these days i'm gonna write something for that. i like the way it sounds.

ah well. i think i should reboot. get kazaa back online.