in which i don't go to the job fair
January 25, 2006, 6:18 pm

i need a job.

for a number of reasons.

reason 1. i have rent. it's true that i rent from my sister, and so in some ways i have a little leeway, but in another, more real way, i have a much GREATER obligation to come through with my rent money. because i could let down a landlord any day of the week, but it would definitely be bad if i let down family.

reason 2. i like to eat. i'm getting fat. i'm not even kidding. i like to eat many different kinds of things, and i like to eat large portions. when i eat wings, i roll twenties. when i eat chips, i eat the whole bag. when i eat ramens, i make two or three packages. i like to gorge myself on the finer things in life, three of which i just laid out for you.

reason 3. i like stuff. sometimes i like to buy stuff. who wouldn't want a new mp3 player, or a new nintendo ds, or a hundred dvds to make purely legal copies of funny movies from the eighties?

reason 4. pocket cash. living in a house with 8 other people means there's always someone doing something. ALWAYS. there is very little downtime, and so there's always somewhere i could be having fun. i'm a very sociable person. i love talking and hanging out and spooning at the end of the night. also i have been very lucky in that all of my housemates are freaking awesome. there's two geeks, two musicians, a very tall black doctor, and my sister and her husband. this of course doesn't even count the menagerie of girlfriends they parade in weekly. anyways. my point is, they're all cool, and there's not one of them that i wouldn't drop what i'm doing to spend time with them. but going out is expensive.

reason 5. laundry. seriously, i need to do laundry, but it's 1.50 for every load. i mean come on. that adds up QUICK.

reason 6. random generosity. i love giving when i can. i don't have money very often, and when i do, i will give it to anyone on a whim. i love helping people out, not just because i know that i could be on the other end of that dynamic at any moment. i've been poor long enough to know that sometimes people just need a little scratch.

reason 7. girlfriend. oh my. what's this? is this some truth. some people ask me, "hamilton" they say, "hamilton, why don't you have a girlfriend", and i used to sputter and make up excuses, but the straight up reason is, girls are expensive, and i have no cash flow at the moment. so ladies, if you love to pay for lunch and buy movie tickets, come visit hamilton cline in tucson arizona, and i'm sure we'll have a lovely time. until then, i'm holding off on the nookie.

i'm sure there's more reasons but that'll do for now. it seems as tho this blog is turning into the "hamilton lists shit" blog. ah well. there's only like 10 people who have me friended anyways. here's to you guys.