in which i do no such thing
January 24, 2006, 5:49 pm

i'm learning C# and asp.NET. did i mention that? i am. it's kind of annoying moving from php to asp. on one hand, i love php. i like the simplicity of the language, and i like that it's constantly being updated. i like that i can use notepad to make php files and not be told i'm hamstringing myself if i don't write code in a debugger.

asp.NET is very different. for one thing, i spent a long time building a function that would allow me to pass a sql query into it and it would return a paged table of data. i spent a long time making it exactly how i wanted it. only to find out that asp.NET has nearly the same thing except better in it's datagrid object. that's very annoying. .NET is trying to hold my hand. i like to make this stuff myself. i want the BASICS to be made for me, but i want to make the cool stuff myself. now there's no reason or need to. it's already there. it's very annoying.

it's more annoying to know that i am so easily tossed aside. all my hard work is for nothing in this other language. i've taken a long time to learn php, but asp.NET doesn't want me to know it's workings. "use our little widgets and everything will be fine." "trust us." "just throw in a label and it'll all work out in the end." DAMMIT, I WANNA MAKE IT MYSELF! i didn't sign on to be a coder so that i could copy your tools. if i'd've wanted that, i would've stayed with html. i wanted to MAKE SHIT HAPPEN! i want to create. but with asp.NET it's right back to cut and paste. it's all there already. just pick and choose what you want, and fill it in. it's very disheartening. but then again... it's so much easier now. it's more complicated to learn - to master - certainly, but it's so much easier to implement. how can i honestly be down on something that will save me so much time, in the end. i can't.

... it's very disconcerting.