i tire of the old ways
May 13, 2011, 10:26 pm

i am sitting on the toilet thinking about how things have gone down recently. it's always hard to figure things out in the moment, and i often find myself pondering topics long into the night when sleep would be preferable.

i want to be happy. i want to live a life where i learn the skills that let me do the things i enjoy, and allow me to use my talents to benefit those around me. it frustrates me to no end when i think about what i could be doing if i just had someone who could genuinely show me how to do it. some people are incapable of learning new things. i have difficulty deciding which new things to focus on learning.

i recently got a new computer and discovered that linux works relatively fine on my old laptops.  in doing so i managed to save some of my website files off of those harddrives, but honestly not enough.  i am genuinely sad that i dont have a backup of those files anywhere.

i keep thinking i should write some music. i want to get a new guitar.

... but i dont really need another distraction.

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