I've been graphing a lot of photo lately
March 9, 2023, 6:15 pm

A few years ago, I bought a camera. I thought I did my research. I wanted a camera I could connect to my computer and use as a webcam. And I found this camera. The camera for bloggers. And I thought, that's a webcam! And I bought the Canon M50.

The camera was almost immediately replaced with a better version that year. I eventually found out this is the camera for OUTDOOR bloggers, and it basically can't connect to a computer for crap. The camera is a crop sensor, so it will never be great, and by the time I got it, basically everyone had already stopped making lenses for it. And so I had some pretty severe buyer's remorse pretty quick.


The camera is actually pretty good, for what it is. It's a crop sensor, but really it's still a good Canon camera, it just will only ever be good, and never be great. But great cameras are expensive, sometimes 6-8 times as expensive as this camera. And the M50 is good.

So anyone that has a good camera, knows that half the battle is getting lenses. Canon only made a few lenses for the EF-M line. And other companies made more, but often with lots of compromises. But once you get an adapter for EF lenses, the camera can actually cover almost all bases. I can get as extreme in telephoto as any lens has gone, and I can get as good at lowlight as any lens is willing to give me.

I am only just now starting to branch out into more interesting lenses. I got my first fisheye lens recently, and I've been pushing my telephotos slowly out past 300mm.

And I like learning the craft of photography. I'm enjoying learning not just the basics of camera equipment, but fumbling my way through issues of subject, framing, and light. It's a slow process. I am concerned not with winning quickly, but enjoying the war of attrition. I will slowly do right, by continuing to try to learn from what I do wrong.

So I've been posting my photos on instagram recently, and a number of people have been asking about my photo gear, and so I put together all the knowledge I have about my own kit into a little webpage. You can check that out here. I will continue to add stuff to it.

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