Do as I say, not as I do
March 4, 2020, 4:46 pm

My students are constantly required to have a work journal to record their progress. I rarely ever journal these days. Maybe it is because I can just tweet something out.

I started a new hobby, and a new project for it. Whenever I start something new, I can usually think of an app to go with it.

I started podcasting. I bought a bunch of equipment and I've recorded a bunch of material, but none of it has been released yet. So like... not casting. Just podding. Whatever.

Along those lines, I've started a new coded project this weekend called Agenda Run. It's an agenda software that is useful for people who are making speeches, or running group meetings, or... ya know... podcasting. I realized it was hard to keep on topic while podcasting, so I needed to make something to help with that. And of course, I bought a domain name. Cuz that's half the fun.

It's entirely possible if you click that link, that page will be broken. I am actively working on this, so whatever. It's also possible that you'll find it useful or useless immediately. Tell me your thoughts if you have any. I'm interested.

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