in which i am the few among many
December 13, 2007, 5:15 pm

so i drew up some lord of the rings masterpieces II sketchcards. my first set of sketchcards for upperdeck's marvel masterpieces was a disaster. i was late and i didn't even finish. but apparently they liked me enough to give me a second chance on that one. then comes topps into the picture. i got an email saying they wanted to give me a chance to draw some as well. so i asked them for substantially fewer cards then i asked for the marvel set, and i did a lot better. i sent my first 50 off to them two days ago, and i plan to start into the next 50 tomorrow.

here are some of my favorites from the first set that i did. i should be getting a couple of these back from topps and i might sell them on ebay. you know... if anyone wants em... or i might keep em. i'm still not sure. it's all up in the air at this point. i'm still really new to this whole sketchcard thing, much less people actually wanting to pay me for art i enjoyed doing :D


In which i am text
November 25, 2007, 10:54 am

i am totally posting this from my phone!


November 1, 2007, 8:40 am

Free Image Hosting at i have a serious hard on for david duchovny these days. the guy is brilliant when you give him some material he can roll with. i just watched the movie playing god, and i seriously can't understand why he doesn't do more movies. i've been watching californication, which is a brilliant look at some seriously dysfunctional relationships, and i think i've got a serious man crush on the guy.


in which i am livid
August 17, 2007, 1:33 pm

i'm so frickin mad right now. i spent like 9 hours walking to blockbuster. i was so excited. i just got an xbox 360 from my dad for my birthday, and i was ready to join the gaming world. ready to strike out into high definition, and tons of migs and megs of memories for gameplay. so i bought two games. tony hawk project 8 for the 360, cuz i've played and loved every tony hawk game ever. and red ninja for the xbox, cuz i remembered trailers for that game being totally sweet.

and then i walked the whole long way back home.

put in project 8, and... a screen showed that said "please insert this game into an xbox 360 console". ... excuse me? i pulled it out and reloaded it. same thing. SON OF A BITCH! so i turned off the system, rebooted, and put the game back in. this time it loaded. but all the videos were choppy as hell. i realized the game was prolly scratched, but it was playing now, so i was happy. i whip through training, get into the first level of gameplay, and start having a grand ol time. then i wallplant the gate to go into area two AND THE SYSTEM CRASHES!!! and now whenever i load the game back up (it still takes like 3 or 4 tries each time to even be recognized) it just crashes once it starts to load my old game.

so fine, i think, i'll just play my other game. but no. it's not backwards compatible.

thank you xbox. you suck. but blockbuster you suck worse for not warning me a game wasn't backward compatible, and for selling me a game that was defective. you better goddamn let me trade it in for a clean copy, and a different old game.


in which i like movies
August 12, 2007, 8:47 am

i like a quirky movie. movies that not many people will see, but in which i recognize greatness.

have you ever seen the movie '200 cigarettes'? probably not. but it is probably one of my favorite movies of all time. i can watch it over and over and it's always funny. and it's becoming a yearly staple in my house. many of my friends are split on whether or not they like 'a life less ordinary', but that's another of my favorites. it's so quirky and weird and there are so many great bit parts in it.

anyways, i saw a trailer for this movie called 'dedication' and i think i'm gonna love it. i was always on the mandy moore wagon during the whole teen queen fight when she was singing against britney and jessica and christina. but i knew i was right when she started acting in genuinely good movies. especially after 'saved', where she played not only the antagonist, but a girl that just represents everything bad about christian teens.

of course... that movie also reminded me why the culkins should be in more movies... both kieran and macauley.


in which i like good music
August 2, 2007, 7:40 pm

i wanted to pimp a blog i just found. i'm sure it needs no pimping, but i feel like the people that read my blog might like it. it's called mokb or my old kentucky blog, and it's a bunch of guys who dig up some good random indie music. i really love most of the music they showcase, and it's been a blessed source for new music off the beaten path. so if you likes some good music, then you gotta check this blog out periodically.

the last week or so i've been living day to day, scraping through the last of my ramen. i finally got to go to the grocery store. i got a bunch more ramen, i got POPTARTS!, i got butter (country crock, of course), and i got bread and peanut butter and jelly. i am living the high life now. i even got som totinos pizza rolls. before, my options were limited to ramen soup, ramen noodles, or a hard ramen brick. now i could make ramens... or toast... or a pb&j... or a poptart with butter slathered over it... oh man. you don't even know, man. i feel so good right now.


i'm in ur bathildas, jinxin ur naginis!!!
July 22, 2007, 7:48 am

so i just finished harry potter and the deathly hallows. the only book that ever truly scared me was the turn of the screw, and i believe the only book i ever cried while reading it was this one. when everyone around harry, these characters we've spent so many years with, start going down... you can't help but have pangs of empathy, man. this is definitely the best book in the series. it ties everything together. it brings it all home. and there may even be a reconcilable ending in there, even tho i don't think i would ever call it truly happy.

i'm not gonna spoil it for anyone. except to say yes, everyone dies. and yes, this book is the most amazing book ever in a series of amazing books. i can't wait for the damn movies!!!