in which i like movies
August 12, 2007, 8:47 am

i like a quirky movie. movies that not many people will see, but in which i recognize greatness.

have you ever seen the movie '200 cigarettes'? probably not. but it is probably one of my favorite movies of all time. i can watch it over and over and it's always funny. and it's becoming a yearly staple in my house. many of my friends are split on whether or not they like 'a life less ordinary', but that's another of my favorites. it's so quirky and weird and there are so many great bit parts in it.

anyways, i saw a trailer for this movie called 'dedication' and i think i'm gonna love it. i was always on the mandy moore wagon during the whole teen queen fight when she was singing against britney and jessica and christina. but i knew i was right when she started acting in genuinely good movies. especially after 'saved', where she played not only the antagonist, but a girl that just represents everything bad about christian teens.

of course... that movie also reminded me why the culkins should be in more movies... both kieran and macauley.


in which i like good music
August 2, 2007, 7:40 pm

i wanted to pimp a blog i just found. i'm sure it needs no pimping, but i feel like the people that read my blog might like it. it's called mokb or my old kentucky blog, and it's a bunch of guys who dig up some good random indie music. i really love most of the music they showcase, and it's been a blessed source for new music off the beaten path. so if you likes some good music, then you gotta check this blog out periodically.

the last week or so i've been living day to day, scraping through the last of my ramen. i finally got to go to the grocery store. i got a bunch more ramen, i got POPTARTS!, i got butter (country crock, of course), and i got bread and peanut butter and jelly. i am living the high life now. i even got som totinos pizza rolls. before, my options were limited to ramen soup, ramen noodles, or a hard ramen brick. now i could make ramens... or toast... or a pb&j... or a poptart with butter slathered over it... oh man. you don't even know, man. i feel so good right now.


i'm in ur bathildas, jinxin ur naginis!!!
July 22, 2007, 7:48 am

so i just finished harry potter and the deathly hallows. the only book that ever truly scared me was the turn of the screw, and i believe the only book i ever cried while reading it was this one. when everyone around harry, these characters we've spent so many years with, start going down... you can't help but have pangs of empathy, man. this is definitely the best book in the series. it ties everything together. it brings it all home. and there may even be a reconcilable ending in there, even tho i don't think i would ever call it truly happy.

i'm not gonna spoil it for anyone. except to say yes, everyone dies. and yes, this book is the most amazing book ever in a series of amazing books. i can't wait for the damn movies!!!


in which i've traced some shit
July 4, 2007, 6:12 pm

since i'm sure people don't check my site for updates here's some of the new flats i've done.

trying to find time to do marvel sketch cards... must draw marvel characters...


in which i watch movies
July 3, 2007, 3:54 pm

i'm watching the movie the last kiss with zach braff. this movie strikes a very real chord with me. it's really... surreal.


in which i think oppositely
July 2, 2007, 6:12 pm

it's weird ya know? you think to yourself. this guy and me, we think alike. we like the same things, mostly. so how can it be that grant gould gave transformers a C, and all i can give it is rousing A++.

i mean come ON! when he's in the bumblebee, and the car is broke down, and the girl is walking away, and he hits the car going "come on, START!" and the car comes back on and the radio blasts "BABY COME BACK!" COME ON GRANT GOULD! who are you kidding? this movie was pure fun. TOTALLY FUN! if you were lil grant you would've walked away in love with that movie. yes, there were sexy moments in the movie, but nothing overtly sexual. yes, there was violence, but nothing gory. yes, jon turturro played the most cartoonlike government character ever, but so what? it was brilliant. when he yells at josh duhamel's character "i'm gonna count to 5!" and josh just says "THEN I'M GONNA COUNT TO 3!" COME ON GRANT GOULD!

and you know what, screw anyone who says differently, shia lebouf MAKES this movie. it's shia's movie, the autobots are really just there for nostalgia. and it's about goddamned time, man. shia's been sitting on the sidelines way too long. he's brilliant in every movie he's in, and it's about time hollywood came knocking. let's bring back the kind of nerdy hero again. let's bring back the everyman hero. shia lebouf is gonna bring movies back to where they should be. you mark my words.

and you know what, screw anyone that says bad things about michael bay. the guy is a technical wizard. i went into this movie saying "as long as i get to see a tank fly through the air, i'm happy" and i got that right off the bat. so everything else was cake. i think this movie walks the fine line between fun and dumb. people like to think that if something doesn't talk about drug habits or grandmothers dying that it's just a dumb movie. well this is a FUN movie. it's just fun, man. don't think about it so hard that you lose sight of that. it's just a fun movie, and there's totally nothing wrong with that, in fact, anything more ponderous would've been wrong.

... sorry, this post is a response. let me start over. i saw transformers tonight. it was amazing. you HAVE to see it in theatres. and you HAVE to see it.


in which i finish battlestar galactica
June 28, 2007, 7:25 am

maybe it's because i'm not really "a part of it", but i'll get to that a little later. grant gould talks about the damn show so much that i had to watch it all. i remember seeing the pilot a long time ago when it first aired. i thought it was really cool, but not really enough to get into it. but i've been watching all three season over the past couple days, and i have to say, the show is damn good. a friend asked me why he should see it if it's just another sci-fi show, and i had to sit down and think about it.

i was midway through the second season and i came to a realization. the show isn't about aliens. i mean... yeah, it's got robots, but even they're mostly human in their representation. but tho galactica visits other planets, they have yet to deal with aliens. this sets it apart wide and far from most other sci-fi space shows. the show is about people, and i'll go one step further. this is not a space show. it's a political/military drama with heavy commentary on religion and relationships... set in space. i'd say it's a show about politics, politics relevant to the things happening to us even now, and a military show second. the military aspects of it far outweigh the space aspects of it. in fact, there are very few castes of characters on the show. there are military, there are politicians, the cylon/robot agents, and the occasional religious figure. the show takes great pains to focus only on these groups.

so maybe i like my political science a bit too much, but that's the aspect of the show that keeps me coming back for more. whether kara thrace gets with lee or anders never really mattered much to me, as much as the political uprising, the personal downfall, and the hope of personal redemption of gaius baltar. maybe it's because i watched it in a marathon session, that does tend to change the whole pace of a show, but that really fascinated me. i also love the show's use of music to really emphasize key moments of the show. i love the idea that somehow their universe is connected to ours. i love the constant use of premonition and foreshadowing to give us hints about the direction of the show.

which is why when people started hearing music in the ship, i was really excited. i started to think of all the possibilities of what was going on, yeah maybe all these people are cylons, but maybe more importantly they were picking up signals from earth. so when they started reciting lyrics from all along the watchtower i started jumping up and down. i loved it! so why is it that when i was done, i started reading other people's opinions, only to find out everyone else thought it was cheesy? come on people. maybe you're a little too close to this. maybe you need to step back a little and accept that that was really fun. and the ensuing new arrangement of the song was absolutely perfect for the scene coming up. guess what people, you were right, she couldn't stay dead. does that make it a bad decision to bring her back? no. it just makes you really jaded. and/or you watch way too much tv and movies. yeah, everyone knew when that blip appeared on the screen, but you know what, everyone wanted it too. her total arch wasn't finished yet. there's still more to learn.

and let's all take solace in the fact that this group of writers is not being shoehorned into an ending they weren't prepared for. they aren't having to scuttle one together for the last few episodes of a series. they aren't having to explain everything in a two hour reprieve from television death. they certainly aren't being cut short. they are setting the date and get to tell the story right.

personally, i think the parallels between this and isaac asimov's concepts of robots are very much in sync. the mere fact that each episode starts with "they have a plan" instantly says to me that EVERYTHING that has happened is calculated. in a way that only robots could calculate. in a way that says man's destiny is not his own. his course is plotted. it's true that anomalies can happen. free will exists, sure, but choices can be guessed. astrology has become fascinating to me recently. which, by the way, the show is rife with. but i used to think it was a bunch of superstitious hocum pocum, that's really a small part of it. it's more an analysis of tendencies. what do people born in this circumstance TEND to do and be. now that fascinates me. exceptions will ALWAYS arise, and those are interesting, the name gaius baltar springs to mind, but the exceptions do not negate the tendencies. stereotypes and prejudices have their roots in something actual, something tangible. and the general choices of mankind can generally be plotted.

i'm on a tangent now. so i'll leave you with this. if you're enjoying battlestar galactica and you haven't read i robot and the foundation series by isaac asimov, then i suggest you read them. if you've seen i robot, that doesn't even count in my mind. and do you want to know why? well there's a very large fundamental change in the outcome of the movie that changes the spirit of what asimov wrote. that the robots are better than humans. read em. you'll like em. i bet you won't be able to put down foundation. it's awesome if you like the political/military aspects of bg.