in which so few people even care
February 18, 2008, 1:41 pm

yeah, here's some artist proof sketch cards i got approved for the marvel masterpieces set. i think i'm gonna try to sell the captain america on ebay. altho, it'll be the first time i ever use it. not sure how that's gonna go down.

also, the dazzler was my first time trying a white gel pen, and it failed spectacularly. i have since upgraded my arsenal substantially. i've been using honest to god pen and ink for the past couple days, and tonight i bought some nice sable brushes. i'm moving on up, kids. it's happening. here's something a little better with an acrylic white ink. this is for the upcoming lord of the rings masterpieces set.


in which tom brady is a punk
February 3, 2008, 12:29 pm

hooray for the giants. that was the best game i've seen in a good long while.


in which i am a huge nerd
January 29, 2008, 6:15 pm

so i've been buying markers. lots of markers. i am slowly building a collection now. honestly, i've only drawn one thing with the color markers, but dammit if i don't own over 40 of them. at 3 dollars a pop, that ain't cheap either. but whatever. i'm basically paying for them with commissions. so it's like my art is facilitating itself, which is cool.

anyways, so i got home today, and started writing down all the numbers of my markers, so i wouldn't get duplicates. then i was like, might as well log the names too, along with the french names. and then i got stupid. i made them into a nice little excel file first, using open office of course. then i turned the excel file into a simple csv file. then i proceeded to pull that file into php and parse it back out and now i have a nice little list of all the colors i own, with nice little leeched pictures from the prismacolor site. thank you prismacolor site, for naming your pictures in such a way that makes it so easy for me to use them. and also, for making pictures on your website that are 100% more accurate than the stickers on your markers. cuz those are for shit.

and, being the huge nerd i am, i am all about that extra infos. so you might not even notice that you can scroll over the english name to see the french name. so there. take that, unadventurous people.


in which i enjoy drawing again
January 5, 2008, 12:30 pm

i'm doing some commission sketches right now, and i'm really loving it. i'm working with pen, something i've never really done before. i'm actually using markers. it's crazy. i went down to the posner's art store, and picked up some prismacolor greytones to try out on some heroes cards i'm doing right now. here's my first ever marker drawing. i like how it turned out.

i only got a 20% and a 50% cuz i didn't know what i needed, but it's clear to me that i need a broader range of saturation. but i still really like how this turned out, and i really enjoyed doing the drawing. i even took a picture before i markered it, cuz i was sure i was gonna mess the drawing up, but everything went smooth, and now i'm ready and raring to go for another. now i can't wait to try out some color.


Now with 100% more claire



in which i laugh and cry all at once
December 26, 2007, 9:00 pm

HA! that fucker gdg still has like 400 cards left AND I FINISHED MINE UP TONIGHT!!


but godDAMMIT how does he do it? it blows my damn mind. i just sat through a 40 card session, and i am wrecked. (i should've had more done before, but it was the holidays, and i got lazy)

HOW DOES HE DO IT? i mean, this stretched me to my limits just doing that many gandalfs. luckily i got the pattern down, and i still think it's a pretty nice looking card. but still. just doing this made me feel kind of cheap, but grant talks about doing hundreds of ringwraiths and it just reminds me that the guy is BATSHIT INSANE!

seriously. the guy is nuts. go to his journal and look at the full number he's doing. i don't even have the heart to post it myself.


in which i am the few among many
December 13, 2007, 5:15 pm

so i drew up some lord of the rings masterpieces II sketchcards. my first set of sketchcards for upperdeck's marvel masterpieces was a disaster. i was late and i didn't even finish. but apparently they liked me enough to give me a second chance on that one. then comes topps into the picture. i got an email saying they wanted to give me a chance to draw some as well. so i asked them for substantially fewer cards then i asked for the marvel set, and i did a lot better. i sent my first 50 off to them two days ago, and i plan to start into the next 50 tomorrow.

here are some of my favorites from the first set that i did. i should be getting a couple of these back from topps and i might sell them on ebay. you know... if anyone wants em... or i might keep em. i'm still not sure. it's all up in the air at this point. i'm still really new to this whole sketchcard thing, much less people actually wanting to pay me for art i enjoyed doing :D


In which i am text
November 25, 2007, 10:54 am

i am totally posting this from my phone!


November 1, 2007, 8:40 am

Free Image Hosting at i have a serious hard on for david duchovny these days. the guy is brilliant when you give him some material he can roll with. i just watched the movie playing god, and i seriously can't understand why he doesn't do more movies. i've been watching californication, which is a brilliant look at some seriously dysfunctional relationships, and i think i've got a serious man crush on the guy.


in which i am livid
August 17, 2007, 1:33 pm

i'm so frickin mad right now. i spent like 9 hours walking to blockbuster. i was so excited. i just got an xbox 360 from my dad for my birthday, and i was ready to join the gaming world. ready to strike out into high definition, and tons of migs and megs of memories for gameplay. so i bought two games. tony hawk project 8 for the 360, cuz i've played and loved every tony hawk game ever. and red ninja for the xbox, cuz i remembered trailers for that game being totally sweet.

and then i walked the whole long way back home.

put in project 8, and... a screen showed that said "please insert this game into an xbox 360 console". ... excuse me? i pulled it out and reloaded it. same thing. SON OF A BITCH! so i turned off the system, rebooted, and put the game back in. this time it loaded. but all the videos were choppy as hell. i realized the game was prolly scratched, but it was playing now, so i was happy. i whip through training, get into the first level of gameplay, and start having a grand ol time. then i wallplant the gate to go into area two AND THE SYSTEM CRASHES!!! and now whenever i load the game back up (it still takes like 3 or 4 tries each time to even be recognized) it just crashes once it starts to load my old game.

so fine, i think, i'll just play my other game. but no. it's not backwards compatible.

thank you xbox. you suck. but blockbuster you suck worse for not warning me a game wasn't backward compatible, and for selling me a game that was defective. you better goddamn let me trade it in for a clean copy, and a different old game.