in which i tend to be tired
June 18, 2009, 12:15 am

i don't sleep enough, but luckily, now i have plenty of room to sleep on. i am a newly converted big fan of the air mattress. the air pump is a good workout, and a queen size bed is only like 25-60 bucks. it folds over to the wall when you don't want it, and it's just gigantic.

i dunno why i slept on a twin for so long. i also got some 300 count sheets and like a 20 dollar pillow. i sleep very well now. i dunno if you've priced pillows recently. but that's a pretty decent pillow. MY PILLOW COST AS MUCH AS MY BED! of course, my sheets cost twice that.

none of this has any bearing on anything though, other than my own comfort level. my life is even more on coast than ever it was before. i work two jobs now, even though they are right next to each other. when one job ends, the other wants me to help. when i get a day off, both jobs want me to help. and i help. most days. caricatures are fun, but i hate the waiting. i hate the standing around and wasting precious time that could be spent doing something even mildly productive. i waste so much of my time. i hate to think about it. how much better a person i could be, how much more cultured, how much more involved, how much more defined i could be, if i wasn't required to stand around and WAIT for someone to want to be drawn.

i just want to be doing something, you know? that's why i love the wood shop. i can carve signs literally all day. he WANTS me to carve signs. free signs, expensive signs, example signs. just be working. but sometimes when it's particularly slow, since i'm behind a counter, and since i'm not knotts, and since i'm kind of a big deal, i just sit back there and read john carter of mars on my blackberry pearl. the blackberry has afforded me the opportunity to read again. i can't carry around a book all the time. but my phone goes everywhere, and it has books on it. and edgar rice burroughs books were all free. i like reading on this thing so much, i might start buying books. who knows. i think my reading speed might even be improving. i can only look at so much at a time, so it doesn't allow my eyes to wander all over the place and get lost, which has always been my problem before now.

but i also love carving signs. caricatures is super hit and miss, cuz sometimes people just don't get it. but when you make someone a kickass sign, and they look at it and they love it, and they look at you with those wondering eyes, like "how did you know exactly what i wanted?" it's great. it's an amazing feeling. and i LOVE making free signs for kids. kids eat it up, man. they see it made and they think it's so cool, and then you hand it to them, and they feel it, and then you say they can keep it, and they just get all excited. like they can't even speak most of the time, they're so amazed. it's totally awesome.

i don't know where my life will be in 2 years. it's all up in the air. i keep fucking up in my online professional life, but set me in a brick and mortar store, and i will OWN that place in 5 years. i'm too motivated to sit around at a job and do nothing. but now i'm working two jobs. both of whom want me to run their stuff. i am in an optimum position, if only i was more cutthroat and not such a softy.


in which i anger all girls
March 14, 2009, 2:03 am

i watched twilight last night. there are certain things a man must endure to be able to carry a conversation with women, and this was the current thing. the movie was actually alright. but it wasn't anything too special. but mediocrity is not it's problem.

what the problem is, is edward. edward is a boy written by a woman who has no idea how to write a man. edward is the most pussified tough guy i've ever seen in film comics or literature. on the surface he seems tough and mysterious. the kind of guy every girl might want to wisk them away. but underneath... is a hollow of a man. edward is a lapdog. a whiny, weak-willed, boytoy that any real woman would use up and throw away in an instant.

this story may seem to be empowering to women, but really it's just telling them that what they should settle for is a guy that won't challenge them at all. that can barely challenge himself. a boy that has no ambition until he meets the girl who suddenly becomes his obsession. THAT'S A BAD SCENARIO, GIRLS.

of course he might change over the course of the series. i haven't read the books. but judging this book by it's cover, i would doubt that.


in which it gets hard to cheat
February 26, 2009, 1:07 am

i dunno if you've noticed but we are starting to see a global crackdown on corruption. the digital age has made it increasingly hard to hide the act of stealing money by fudging numbers. and i feel i worldwide shift towards not letting that shit slide anymore. when are people going to learn that, with the avenue of computers, endless logs, and ease of access, comes the increased probability of capture? you can't hide your indiscretions anymore.

come join the straight and narrow, kids.


February 22, 2009, 5:20 am

thor: i'm a handsome man

hamilton: and fate is a foxy lady, come on kismet, let's do this

thor: that's your new screenplay.  write it.

hamilton: i fear our creativity is waning

thor: yeah but i've reached that point where i have to start counting

junz: did i outty five thousand?

thor:&bbsp;are you outty five thousand?

thor: i only write all my 3 hour plays in haiku format

thor: it's a screenplay but for the stage.  don't you see the genius behind it?

thor: i dropped a case

hamilton: a case of what?

thor: a case of my foot in your ass

thor: i'd've been like, well sir, i'm very discerning about the choads that i do draw

thor: please keep this going, because this is going to be a fun experiment

thor: i went back and i read in my journal the other day and i read an amazing line.  my balls smell terrible.

hamilton: i'm so disappointed in you right now

thor: grumble grumble

thor: think big hamilton

hamilton: big... big... BIG... it's not working, thor


in which i twitter
February 21, 2009, 1:54 pm

so yeah. this new phone is either the best thing ever or the worst. i'm still on the phone. fence. i'm still on the fence. listen. i got twitter.

let me repeat that. i am on twitter. it's the most awesome thing ever.

... if you're in los angeles.

if you're not in los angeles, and you don't like ashton kutcher? FUCK OFF! twitter is not for you. cuz ashton and demi twitter all the time, and it's great. i love them. they are so fucking cute. talking about fashion week one minute and kabbalah the next? it's like the ultimate example of duality. but i love it. i love the digg boys, and greg grunberg and kevin pollack and wil wheaton and brian bendis, and i even love lance armstrong, that grandstanding fuck. STOP DOING SO MUCH WITH YOUR LIFE. i love twitter. it's amazing.

but if you don't live in los angeles, you won't get it, so don't fucking bother with it. or find your own network, i don't know. but don't complain to me cuz you think it's pointless. it's not. this is how i stay aware of what's going down in hollywood. and it's important, cuz i live here. so when felicia day says she's doing a show, i perk up. but i wouldn't know without twitter. it's brilliant. also, i love the whole stream of consciousness aspect of it.

i dunno. i've been trying to evangelize twitter to everyone, and i just feel like no one really gets it. except me and this core group of comic creators and actors. but not musicians. they follow everyone who follows them. it defeats the purpose. come on matisyahu, you don't need to follow us, we follow you.


in which i have a new phone
February 6, 2009, 2:28 pm

So I waited it out, and the blackberry pearl finally dipped down to free on the Verizon site. So I got it. So far this has been a good decision. I had a little scare when I thought the scroll button wasn't working. But it seems my fears we're unfounded for the time. I'm hoping nothing else goes awry. I also hope I get more opportunities to use the word awry in my day to day interactions.


in which i'm seriously starting to hate this naming convention
January 18, 2009, 7:45 pm

so i am a lead at my new job now. but i'm not actually. just sort of.

... if that confuses you, then welcome to my job situation. a work situation that, for the most part, has been dominated by women, but now has, i think, a balance of men and women. it will be intersting to see where things go from here. i think a woman can be great at leading, but get a group of them together and i have never seen such petty bickering and backstabbing. and that goes for all women. i love em, but that never changes.

um... so i dunno if i should do this or not, but i thought since he's grabbing the music from elsewhere it'd be fine. see how this works out. could be a nice way to showcase music. totally just grabbed this player off of songs to wear pants to, as well as the song.

... hmmm... let's try one of my songs.

that was a fun deviation. back to the topic at hand. i want to do well at whatever i'm doing. i have an intense urge to succeed. some people take a job, tho they feel it's beneath them, and since they have that evaluation of the quality of the job they're working, the work they do reflects that evaluation. but... but not me, man. i give myself over. wholly. i devote. i want to succeed, and i know that the only way i can succeed is for my company to succeed. i need to know every facet of my job. the people i work with, and the work that goes on around me. because if i'm not aware of what's happening around me, how can i possibly do my job to it's fullest.

i remember watching a movie about the basketball player pistol pete, where he's playing and he no looks the ball at his teammate, but the other player isn't paying attention to what's going on and gets beaned in the face. you see, you can't perform to the best of your abilities, if you're only paying attention to yourself. you have to be watching everyone else around you. you have to survey the entire court. only then can you rise to the level of greatness. but i also remember that his teammates resented him for that in the beginning. to use another sports movie analogy, remember the movie rudy, when rudy tackles the one player and the player berates him saying that he's playing like it's the super bowl even tho it's just practice. most people are willing to just glide through their life and work, without ever giving any effort, and they resent anyone that does. especially if that effort gets the other person noticed.

i've only been with this company for a very short amount of time, but i'm already moving up the ranks. i'm hoping i can manage to motivate while not alienating the people who have been gliding for a while. i want to blow some upward momentum into those sails.


in which i watch movies
January 10, 2009, 2:28 am

i've been watching a lot of westerns lately. one might say that i'm on a western 'kick'. especially if one were me. it started with a little movie called sukiyaki western django. i japanese western by the great horror director takashi miike. the i saw 3:10 to yuma, and appaloosa, and then i rewatched the quick and the dead. then i watched hidalgo, and last night i watched shane for the first time ever. and you can read my thoughts on that in the previous post.

now i have a bunch queued up. true grit, high noon, and the good the bad and the ugly. if you know of any classic westerns i should see, tell me.


in which shane lives
January 9, 2009, 3:48 pm

fuck all of the nay sayers, SHANE LIVES, YOU HEARTLESS BASTARDS!!! SHANE LIVES!!