I've been doing some crochet
December 16, 2014, 2:04 pm

Apparently, it's weird when a man does anything crafty. I don't cotton to that line of thought. I really like crochet over knitting, because it is fairly mindless. I can single stitch crochet all night long, and pretty much not have to think for hours. It's great to throw on a comfort show, and just lose yourself.

I was never very good at knitting, however. I find myself poor at judging and maintaining tension, and I honestly find purling to be annoying. I am currently at the crafting stage where I have a number of needles and hooks, but I am not willing to dive into a project yet if it's possibly going to take more than a week of a few hours a night to complete.

But I love making scarfs. I love wearing scarfs, so being able to make them is pretty cool. I enjoy trying out different stitch patterns and sizes and colors of yarn. Honestly, I think anyone can learn to crochet, and I believe everyone should.