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Rapid Transit

christmas party
December 10, 2006, 8:20 pm


so yeah. this was qwuite possibly the bset party ec3er. i hd so nuch pfun!!! it was aweosme! hopefull it's this good evory yea.

also... cops came!!! wooot. it's not a party til tihe cops come!!!


something... anything...
December 9, 2006, 1:38 pm

so i helped mal (destroyerzooey) get his new layout up and running. a little php here. a little css there. and everything was peachy keen. if you've never read his graphic novel series "Scott Pilgrim", then i sugggest you search that up on amazon right now, and buy it with all the money you can muster.

sorry i don't post often. there's this job. it takes up my time. all my time.

the christmas party is tomorrow. i work at a bar. the party will be open bar at the bar. the motto is "NO SURVIVORS". i can't wait. wish me luck surviving the first round at least. here's hoping that if i get sex in the bathroom it's with a girl.


New picture
August 8, 2006, 3:37 am

I drew a new picture. I like it. Some people don't. Those people make me sad. :( Most of those people are girls. Girls usually make me happy. ah well. Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 25. So yeah... There that is. Apparently Laura has tons of things planned for the day. I hear mention of multiple presents. That sounds nice. We got to be together last night for the first time in a while. The canoe trip was fun, but being back was really nice. At least I'm getting art out of it. I have a good idea for a new drawing that i hope to do today.

This one's available for prints on DA.


in which i do fanart
May 31, 2006, 2:03 pm

more people should draw longshot. he's clearly the best xmen ever.

inspired to try from grant's recent post


in which i draw again
April 7, 2006, 8:19 pm

i just posted up a new big page o crap. just thought i'd throw up a little note here.

work is good these days. i'm learning a lot about cooking, and food prep. i hope to be sauteing this week. i've been getting to do it a little bit every now and then, and i'm confident that i'll be able to pick it up quick when they give me a live try.


up too late
March 10, 2006, 9:30 pm

i got two new things today. a new toy, and a new job. i'm up way too late playing with my new toy, but even my job kept me out pretty late. i got a job as a line cook at a little place called The B Line. so far i've been making salads. i can make all kinds of salads. i can make caesar salads. steak salads. side salads. spinach salads. i got that shit DOWN. i'd imagine i'll be doing that stuff for a while now tho, and that's alright. i'm just glad to be working again. being unemployed when you want/need to be working is totally the balls.

also, i haven't been able to use this thing in forever. it's been blocked, but now i'm over that. but then again, now i have my (new) site working. so, once again, i don't really NEED to update this anymore :( but i think i might continue to update anyways.


in which my site is prettified
February 9, 2006, 10:38 am

so a while ago curtis and i were talking and he said he'd do whatever it took to get me back on the web again. and i said he should design me a new look for my webpage. because, you see, curtis is a designer of high quality, and i am a coder of high quality, and together we make higher quality websites than we could make apart. BUT CURTIS NEVER KEPT HIS END OF THE BARGAIN!! "here i am back on the net", i says to curtis, "and still i have no curtis treatment". but finally he relented and made me a nice looking skin, which, if you go to my homepage, you can switch to. it's nice and purdy, and i coded up a little thing that sets a cookie on your system so that you can pick what skin you surf my... one page in.

but more importantly, i am now moving and shaking on the web again. i am back in the saddle. the skinning script honestly isn't that hard, but it's something i've always wanted to do with my site. hey, if you hate the way my site looks, and think you can do better, feel free to make your own skin for my site. i will more than likely add it into the sidebar, cuz what do i care if my site looks bad in your skin? i'll just surf in mine. :) of course, that will be YOUR mentality as well, and thus we ALL win. my layout is pretty simple, and you can feel free to use images and move anything wherever you want to. just understand that if you leave the entry headers without a background image, they will change colors on mouseover. other than that, have a ball.

also, i just discovered that my forum is online here, so i think i'll be trying to get some more work done on that script. cuz who doesn't love a forum.


in which i just saw this
February 7, 2006, 6:47 pm

just saw this on doitalone's lj. and i have to respond.

Think back 10 years, how old were you?

i was 14 years old. i was a shy little kid, about to make the biggest change in my life. before i was fourteen i was very shy and introverted, i had never cursed, and the worst thing i ever did was steal a pack of baseball cards. i had very few friends, and i was convinced that i would be a comic book artist when i grew up. when i was fourteen, i got in my first musical play, and it changed my whole outlook on life. i wasn't shy anymore, and i found out i had more friends than i knew i had.

If you ran into yourself at that age, what would younger you say?

my younger self would be dumb founded that i didn't graduate high school, much less that i never went to college. he would say that he couldn't believe i lived at my parents' house as long as i did, and he couldn't fathom why i stopped drawing as much. he would probably be ashamed of me. he would hate the music i listen to. but he would be amazed that i play guitar, so much so that he would probably give up violin right then and there and pick up guitar instead.

What would you say back?

i would tell him to finish school, no matter the cost. at least high school. i would tell him to commit to finishing what he starts. i would tell him to NOT WALK AWAY FROM THAT GIRL. i would tell him to speak up sooner to her, as well, and to not bother chasing girls that are already taken. i would tell him that other people's opinions don't matter as long as he's happy with himself, but if he's unhappy with himself, to change. i would tell him not to spend so much time chasing pipe dreams, and that real money and happiness comes from picking something and becoming it. do one thing well and all the rest will come as it needs to. i would tell him to do whatever it took to get out of chaska. i would tell him to never turn left across a medianed intersection that doesn't have a light. i would tell him to keep those caricature jobs as long as possible. i would tell him that once he found a job, he could do well and enjoy, to do whatever he could within his power to keep it. i would tell him lots of little things that i've learned over time.

i made a lot of mistakes in 10 years, but i also made a lot of good moves. i got mired in a couple holes, and found my way out of other ones. i'm not sure whether my life is better now or not. but it's farther along, and i'm sure there are some words of wisdom i could have used back then, but who knows if i would've heeded them. i was a pretty cocky sumbitch back then.


in which i make art
February 7, 2006, 6:08 pm

have any of you art people ever used a program called paint.NET? it's an open source (meaning free to use) update to the classic windows paint. which means it's BETTER than paint, but still not as good as photoshop. altho, having said that, if you're an artist on a budget, and you have issues with piracy, than this just might be the program for you. i've never really liked the gimp. i usually don't cotton to things that try to be anti corporate. linux was fine in my book, until i happened upon the HORDES of retards determined to undermine intelligent conversation with terms like microsuck or M$. i can get along fine without your semantic merry go round.

anyways, paint.NET is a nice little program with many of the tools required for standard photo manipulation and most art production. it's not amazing, but if you need to do a little something, it's worth your time to check out.

i mentioned tom waits to curtis and he sent me an album of his called rain dogs, and i just can't stop listening to it. i love it. can't get enough of the guy. i would highly suggest anyone give a listen to the song "clap hands" by tom waits. also i was watching conan tonight and there was a chick that i thought was michelle branch at first, but it became obvious after a few seconds it was her. it's a girl named Kt Tunstall, and i really REALLY dug the song that she played. she used a lot of layering software like uh... what's his face... howie day uses on his madrigals dvd. anyways. i really liked her, and i can't wait to find a video of her performance on conan, cuz it was pretty sweet.

so yeah. i hate getting told by someone they'll set up an interview, and then never getting a call back. that sucks. cuz then i stop pursuing other stuff, especially if i got a good vibe off of it. and then i'm just sitting, waiting by the phone, cuz i don't have a cell phone, kids. it's a land line. so if i don't wanna miss a call, i have to sit at home and not hang out with my friends, and generally be miserable. so if you said you'd call me, i'd appreciate you being prompt about it.


in which i act a fool
February 2, 2006, 4:28 pm

so brian was in town this weekend. brian is about the coolest guy ever, so it was really nice to see him around. so him and me and mary went to olive r twists. it used to be our hang out all the time, but then they removed their 10 cent wing special, so we don't really go as much. we ordered wings and beer and it was generally pretty good. but see, when we got there, the waitress was like, i'm gonna be leaving soon. she also mentioned that we should leave our tip for the other girl, but me being a total jackass, i forget this part. so when we're about to leave, brian says i should go get the check, so i go get her, and i'm like "Hey if you want a tip, go get our check."

now see... in hind sight, that looks REALLY awful. but see what i meant was "if you want to get the tip and not her, we're ready to go now." cuz i had forgotten that she actually wanted the other girl to get the tip.

... sigh. anyways. it was annoying, and i felt awful. altho i have a job interview on monday for time market. i really want to work there, cuz it's totally a cool place, and it's like... two minutes down the road.

also, i got some recording time in on my new song, if you want to hear a throwaway sample track, you can go into where the other song was. if you know, don't tell. if you don't, ask me. it's too fast, and has an extra verse on the guitar track, but other than that, it's not too bad of a sample. we didn't end up playing epic, but we weren't ready anyways. we did watch smallville tho. me and tre watch smallville every week. and this time karl was in with his little brother too. and i made a really great jab at him. something about holding a grudge, and him being an injun. it was awesome. and before you get too offended, we are a multiracial house, and we throw around good racial jokes like spaghetti. so there.

oh yeah, before i forget, Bryan O'Malley (destroyerzooey) has a new book about to come out. if you're not on the Scott Pilgrim train, come aboard, cuz this is an amazing story. there hasn't been a single person i've shown it to that hasn't gone on to suggest it to someone else. i've been highly anticipating this book for a while. bryan has put in some rather brilliant foreshadowing elements that you just don't see a lot in comics. if you like good stories, and crazy action, and hilarious dialogue, then the scott pilgrim saga is for you.